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This extension of Social Media Buttons gives you Social Follow Buttons to get more fans and adherents for your social media profiles on the prominent social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google In addition to. Helios Social Accompany Catches will deal with your destinations, writes and so on.
You can effectively install the modified Social Media Follow Buttons to your Magento Web-shop.
Add Simple Social Buttons to your site and reproduce your business with these Social Sharing buttons. This is the best Growth as it could be modified and put to the: Left or Right half of the page and with customizable top edges. Attempt to make the best through Social Offering Catches like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Twitter In addition to and Pinterest and showcase your substance to millions with Simple Social Buttons.
How to set up Social Media Extension For Custom Theme?

You have to follow the Below steps

  • Step 1: app\design\frontend\default\default\layout\hssocialmedia.xml
    TO your
    app\design\frontend\[Your Theme]\default\layout\hssocialmedia.xml
  • Step 2: app\design\frontend\default\default\template\hssocialmedia\hsmedia.phtml
    TO your
    app\design\frontend\[Your Theme]\default\template\hssocialmedia\hsmedia.phtml
  • Step 3: app\skin\frontend\default\default\css\hsmedia
    To your
    app\skin\frontend\[Your Theme]\default\css\hsmedia
  • Step 4: app\skin\frontend\default\default\js\hsmedia
    To your
    app\skin\frontend\[Your Theme]\default\js\hsmedia
  • Step 5: app\skin\frontend\default\default\images\social-icons.png
    To your
    app\skin\frontend\[Your Theme]\default\images\social-icons.png
    app\skin\frontend\[Your Theme]\default\images\social-icons-left.png
  • Step 6: Refresh cache And see your home page.


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